Tick Remover Tool Kit (3 Pack)

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Tick Remover Tool Kit comes with 3 different sized tools that allow you to remove ticks without applying pressure.

When pressure is applied to the tick they release saliva into the host and this can increase the risk of infection. Use the appropriate sized tool depending on the size of the tick, see below for removal  instructions.

What Makes the Tick Remover Tool Kit Great?

  • 3 sizes for more effective removal
  • Does not apply pressure to tick when removing
  • Handy pocket sized

Incorrect removal of a tick can result in:
The tick's mouth parts being left behind in the skin.
Compression of the tick body.
Puncturing of the tick body.
Injury and irritation to the tick.

The Tick Removal Tool Kit is designed to cradle the body of the tick and to not exert pressure on either its mouth parts or its body. It can therefore be safely twisted in one direction, which allows the barbs on the tick mouthpart to be freed from the surrounding tissue. The twisting action also helps to crack the special saliva cement. The tool doesn't cause any compression to the body of the tick and so it minimises the risk of back-flow of the tick's saliva and gut contents, and therefore helps to avoid disease transmission.
One pack contains 3 tick removers - Small, Medium & Large

Colour is selected at random, pink, green or blue

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