Our Story

Discover how The Woof Club Started

How It All Began!

I love the concept of subscription boxes, I find them a really convenient way to shop, they are great value and I also love the unboxing experience, as it feels like opening a present! But after trying out many pet subscription boxes, I was always left feeling a little disappointed with the quality of the products and lack of customisation!

All the boxes I tried for my two Pomeranians rarely included natural food products, which did shock me because there are so many amazing natural brands to choose from nowadays! Like many pet parents, I will always choose natural for my dogs because I care about their health and what goes into their tiny bodies!

The lack of customisation was also a bit of a nightmare for me; because I didn’t need to receive toys every month, but there was no way of adjusting this!

And so my journey began, I worked with the doggies to create a subscription box that was full of natural & healthy treats and, because every dog is different, we made sure that each box could be fully customised to suit an individual dog’s preferences! 

Meet the Team!


Mika is our smallest team member, weighing only 3.5kg, but don’t let this tiny, cute face deceive you! She is a typical Pomeranian, and is boisterous, outgoing and a little bit bossy! As Mika is super fussy with her food she does a lot of the taste testing for us!

Mika’s favourite treat brand is Green & Wilds – “I think she loves Green & Wilds so much because they really hold their flavour”. 


Tinky is the complete opposite of Mika, she is a very chilled out dog, loves to snuggle and is completely food obsessed, she lives for her next meal! As she loves food so much, Tinky spends most of her working day helping us test all the treat dispensing toys!

Her favourite toy brand is Nina Ottosson, as she loves the challenge!


Our family got our first dog when I was 11 years old, she was a beautiful yellow Labrador who we named Buffy after the TV programme ‘Buffy The Vampire Slayer’! From that moment on, I became dog obsessed, and since then, I have never existed without a furry friend by my side!

I grew up in the UK, but moved to Switzerland in 2016 and fell in love with the outdoor lifestyle, and the fact you can bring your dog with you everywhere you go!

My mother also lives in Switzerland with her four Labradors, who are volunteer treat & toy testers at The Woof Club!