The Birthday Box for Cats

CHF 34.90

inc Tax


Treat your kitty cat to a super-exciting box of fun and yummy treats!

Everyone deserves a Happy Birthday, and cats are no exception. After all the love and affection they give you all year round, give a little back by ordering the pawfect gift for them. Then simply relax and enjoy the special day together.

Save time by having the kitty essentials delivered to your door!

Discover new and exciting products! Be the first to try out many brands that you cannot find in Switzerland yet!

Save money by purchasing a one-off Box. How? The value of the products will always exceed the price you pay!

*Products may differ from those shown in the picture.

This box includes 8-9 products with a retail value over 40 CHF:
  • 4x Fun Toys, Accessories or health products
  • 1x Party Hat
  • 2x Balloons
  • 1x Birthday Card

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