Sustainable Chew Roots

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Chew Roots are untreated and do not contain any artificial additives or preservatives. They are sustainable, natural and do not splinter like regular sticks.

They are extremely durable and suitable for heavy chewers. Chew roots are also rich in nutrients and low in fat.

What Makes Chew Roots Great?

  • Will not splinter like regular sticks
  • Extremely durable so are the perfect chew toy
  • Acts as a natural toothbrush
  • Untreated natural product, rich in vitamins and minerals
Nutritional Analysis:
Protein 1.18%, Fat 0.11%, Ash 1.06%
They are suitable for every dog. Anco Roots come in a number of sizes so are suitable for all breeds of dogs, including puppies. 
Size guide - ensure you choose the right size for your dogs bite:-
S: 150 - 300g suitable for small breed dogs
M: 300 - 500g suitable for medium breed dogs
L: 500 - 750g suitable for large breed dogs

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