Nature's Food Dehydrated Chicken Breast 100g

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Nature's Food Dehydrated Chicken Breast are single protein treats and are the best way to reward your dog with a rich & exceptional protein source in every bite!

Made of 100% meat, dehydrated using a natural 20-hour, oven-free dehydration method. Thus, preserving all nutrients, vitamins and trace elements of the protein.

They are a natural food supplement and can be used during training as a reward. They are free of preservatives, additives, artificial colorants and grains and are made from human-grade real ingredients.

ISO & HACCP certified. They are made of fresh hand-filleted meat marinated in extra virgin olive oil, vegetables, herbs and spices.

The natural, oven-free dehydration process allows for the treat to keep its very intense natural flavour which is exactly what dogs love!

Dehydrated and filleted chicken breast marinated in extra virgin olive oil, vegetables and herbs.

Minimum guaranteed nutritional value per 100g.
38% Proteins
15% Moisture
11% Fat
1% Crude Fibres
Nature’s Food started from a love of animals and a desire to create healthy meals for our beloved four-legged friends. They use high-quality, fresh ingredients and do not use preservatives or other carcinogenic substances or chemical supplements. All raw materials are 100% natural and their products are produced in Greece.
Dehydrated treats are suitable for all breeds and dog sizes.
The following table shows recommended treat quantities per week according to your dog’s size. However it is safer to adjust recommended quantities to their lifestyle and appetite.

Keep in a dark, dry place and consume within 2 weeks from the day of opening as it is preservative-free!

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