Natural Formula Anti-Chew Spray

CHF 14.90

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Menforsan Natural Formula Anti-Chew Spray 125ml is an educational product for dogs & puppies.

It contains a bitter natural substance and a fixing support that prevents and discourages unwanted bites on wooden, plastic, and leather objects.

What Makes it Great?

  • Natural substance not harmful to the pet
  • Avoids unwanted chews
  • Non toxic
  • Suitable for materials such as leather, plastic and wood.

Training product with natural bitters and placement support to prevent your pet from biting the furniture legs, shoes, leather material, leashes and any other object that they can reach and you want to protect during the phase when the teeth are developing or when your pet is bored. It is an ideal product to prevent the desire to bite objects that you do not want them to bite, and it contributes to modifying incorrect behaviour during the learning phase of puppies and young animals.

Spray on the object to protect from bites every day until the required result is obtained.

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