Jumbo Crispy Collagen Sticks - 3 Flavours - 1 Piece

Packed with collagen to promote health skin, coat and joints
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Satisfy your dog's cravings with all-natural Jumbo Crispy Collagen Sticks!

Rich in healthy proteins and high in cartilage, these sticks are the perfect grain-free treat.

Collagen helps promote skin health, glossy fur, and healthy joints for your pup. Easily broken into smaller pieces, and gently air-dried to preserve the delicious flavours, the Jumbo Crispy Collagen Sticks are the perfect snack for dogs of all ages and sizes!

Available in 3 delicious flavours!

Approx length of 19 cm.

Ingredients: 65% chicken, 33% cartilage and 2% collagen intestine.
Analysis (analysis subject to natural variations): Protein 45.4%, fat 37.2%, ash 7.2%.

Ingredients: 72% beef, 26% cartilage and 2% collagen intestine.
Analysis (analysis subject to natural variations): Protein 45.8%, fat 36.1%, ash 6.0%.

Dental with Beef:
Ingredients: 71% beef, 27% cartilage and 2% collagen intestine, coconut, coconut oil, tormentil, peppermint, chamomile, parsley, silica, myrrh.
Analysis (analysis subject to natural variations): Protein 37.7%, fat 37.8%, ash 6.7%, residual moisture 13.3%.
At The Woof Club, we are dedicated to providing a tail-wagging experience for both dogs and their devoted owners.
As passionate dog lovers ourselves, we specialise in curating a wide range of natural, healthy products that cater to the unique needs and preferences of our beloved furry friends.
From nutritious treats to wholesome food options and everything in between, our mission is to promote the well-being and happiness of dogs through our thoughtfully selected products. With The Woof Club, you can trust that you're giving your canine companion the best of the best, because they deserve nothing less. Join our pack and let's embark on a journey of natural goodness together!
1-3 sticks per day depending on the size and level of activity of your dog. The amount of food given for main meals should be adjusted accordingly.
Only give chews under supervision. Always provide fresh drinking water.

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