Non-Drip Dispensing Pump

Comes in 2 sizes to fit either the 5L or 2.5L HOWND professional shampoos.
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This white Non-Drip Dispensing Pump is designed to be durable and comes with an integrated inner valve that prevents shampoo from leaking onto your floor.

Remove the barcode label on your pump before use.
Remove the barcode label on your pump before use to avoid contaminating the natural ingredients in your HOWND product.

It is compatible with standard 5L or 2.5L shampoo containers. If you have a 5L pump and need it to fit a 2.5L container, you can follow these steps to resize it:

Remove the dip tube from the pump.
Cut the dip tube down to 95mm.
Reinsert the dip tube into the pump.
By following these steps, you can convert your 5L pump to fit a 2.5L container.
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