Chicken Feet for Dogs (5pc)

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Chicken Feet for Dogs (5 pieces) are a delicious, 100% natural treat. These dried, crispy chicken feet are the perfect treat for lots of chewing fun.

They also contribute to good oral hygiene and help strengthen your dog's jaw. They are suitable for small and large dogs. These chicken feet contain valuable proteins and fatty acids for healthy skin and a shiny coat. These natural chicken-based chews are also suitable for sensitive dogs with food intolerances.

What Makes Chicken Feet Great?

  • Single source protein
  • Naturally gluten and grain free
  • Rich in nutrients
  • Air dried
  • No artificial additives of any kind
Contain Only 100% Chicken.

· NO Artificial Colourings
· NO Artificial Fragrances
· NO Artificial Flavours
· NO Preservatives
· NO Additives

Gluten Free Treats
At The Woof Club, we are dedicated to providing a tail-wagging experience for both dogs and their devoted owners.
As passionate dog lovers ourselves, we specialise in curating a wide range of natural, healthy products that cater to the unique needs and preferences of our beloved furry friends.
From nutritious treats to wholesome food options and everything in between, our mission is to promote the well-being and happiness of dogs through our thoughtfully selected products. With The Woof Club, you can trust that you're giving your canine companion the best of the best, because they deserve nothing less. Join our pack and let's embark on a journey of natural goodness together!

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