The Woof Club - Beef Lung for Dogs (50g)

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Beef Lung (50g) is ideal for all dogs due to its light and loose consistency. Its low fat content, means it's ideal as a small snack for training or as a treat in between meals. Either way, your dog will be happy about the reward!

Useful Information

  • Fat content: little
  • Texture: soft
  • Chewing fun: short snack
100% Beef, without the addition of grain, chemicals, preservatives or other extenders.

Nutritional content: raw protein 86,0%, raw fat 3,5%, raw ash 2,0%.

Please note that this is a pure natural product, so the size, form and colour can differ from the photograph.
At The Woof Club, we are dedicated to providing a tail-wagging experience for both dogs and their devoted owners.
As passionate dog lovers ourselves, we specialise in curating a wide range of natural, healthy products that cater to the unique needs and preferences of our beloved furry friends.
From nutritious treats to wholesome food options and everything in between, our mission is to promote the well-being and happiness of dogs through our thoughtfully selected products. With The Woof Club, you can trust that you're giving your canine companion the best of the best, because they deserve nothing less. Join our pack and let's embark on a journey of natural goodness together!

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