Which Gift Box Should I Get For My Pup?

We all know that a healthy pet is a happy pet and at The Woof Club, we believe that our furry friends deserve the same unconditional love and affection that they give us on a daily basis. Our main mission is to keep your dog’s tail wagging and one way to do that is to treat them to something special and unique, such as a doggy gift box. These boxes are filled with specially-selected, natural and healthy snacks as well as useful accessories and fun, enrichment toys

The team at The Woof Club are 100% committed to providing the best experiences and products for every pup’s distinct personality and preferences. In this blog post, we explain the concept behind our gift boxes and how to choose the best one for you and your pawesome pet.


Why Order a Dog Gift Box?

Who wouldn’t love a box full of presents? Whether you just love spoiling your dog or enjoy discovering new and exciting products and brands to try, our dog present boxes are here to make your and your dog’s day! We choose products for your furry friend in the same way you would, giving you good options and no bad choices.

Healthy, Natural And Eco-Friendly

All of the things that you would expect from any product you buy for yourself we are sure that you would want the same for your pet! We also think they deserve nothing less, which is why we source 100% natural snacks, treats and chews with no added nonsense. We seek out environmentally-friendly brands that will also help to reduce your pet’s carbon pawprint.

Discover New Products

Our mission is to sniff out the most innovative and exciting products and brands. This means your pooch box will contain unusual products that are not normally already available in the Swiss shops! We’ll always make sure that you and your pet are the trendiest duo in the park.

Great Value For Money

One of the greatest benefits of our present boxes is that the value of the products you receive will always exceed the price you pay. We pride ourselves on providing you with more for less, whilst making sure that the things in your pet box are always relevant and well-matched to your pet. So we take the time to find out all about your pooch. This ensures that you receive personalised boxes to pawfectly suit their unique personality and preference at a bargain price!

Save Time

We understand how busy life with a dog can get! Your four-legged pal deserves all the time and attention that you can give, so leave the hard work to us. No more spending time searching for the best products that meet your values, just tell us about your pet and we’ll do the rest.

Special Occasion 

It’s always fun and exciting to go that extra mile and treat your pet!  We actually believe that every day with your pet is special. So go on, make them feel extra special on a special occasion too, such as their birthday, adoption day or just celebrate a change in season, because you can!

Now that you’ve decided that you’d like to treat your pooch to one of our dog present boxes, you’re probably wondering which one would be best for you and your furry friend. We explain below!


The Woof Club Subscription Box

It would be rude not to start off with our most popular pet subscription box, which is a good base for the majority of dogs. It is filled with lots of mouth-watering treats, boredom-busting toys, trendy accessories and lots more things that are suitable for all ages, physical abilities and breeds.

Our original Woof Club Subscription Box contains six to eight themed items for your dog, which we know they will love. You can tailor the mix and size of items to suit your friend perfectly and so choosing this box is the perfect way to show them how much they mean to you because sometimes saying “good dog” just isn’t enough. If you would just like to receive the doggy essentials each month then a subscription for our Essentials Subscription Box is ideal for you. You receive 4 to 5 snack and treat items to make sure that your cupboard is never without the basic training treats, rewards for your four legged friend. You can even choose to receive a toy, healthcare product or an accessory every three months as well  if you wish. If you don’t want to take out a subscription then this box is available as a one off purchase too. How flexible is that?


The Tough Chewer Box

Do you have a dog that lives to chew? Are your house contents suffering as a result? Do standard shop toys and chews last no time at all? Then this is the box for you and your dog. The Tough Chewer Box contains 8 hand selected items ( toys and chews) to keep even the most destructive chewers busy! The contents are all grain free and 100% natural and healthy and if you were to buy the items individually you would pay over 70CHF. What a bargain!

The Puppy Welcome Box

Welcoming a new puppy into the family fold is no small life event, for you or your new family member. In fact, the whole process can be quite stressful for your new puppy and can cause him or her feelings of anxiety and stress. Learning about their new family and environment and how to fit in with new people, sounds, smells and sights, can be overwhelming and scary!

When you’ve made the important decision to welcome a new puppy into your home, The Puppy Welcome Box is the pawfect gift for all the family and will help them settle into their new home. 

Each special box includes a personalised welcome home card and a hand-picked selection of fun and useful products to help them deal with the transition, making the new arrival feel right at home. We also provide tips and advice from experienced animal lovers, on how to make sure the whole process goes as smoothly as possible.


The Snack Box

If you need to stock up your pup’s snack cupboard or would like to add a little variety to your collection of dog treats, our Snack Box is designed to please all our four-legged friends – both those who live to eat and also those more fussy eaters!

This gourmet box contains five high-quality snack packs from The Woof Club range, which should satisfy even the most discerning dog. What’s even better is that all of our tasty snacks and treats are 100% natural and healthy and you probably will not have come across them before! We create your perfect box from a wide variety of options, such as grain and meat-free as well as snacks containing supplements to support joint mobility, boost the immune system and many more benefits. If you have more than one dog or have a cat too, there are options for you as well so that everyone can have a gourmet time!


The Birthday Box 

Today, most people consider their dog to be part of the family and as we hoomans celebrate our birthdays, then celebrating our pet’s birthday is compulsory! It would feel wrong not to throw a pawty! After all, everyone deserves a happy birthday and we believe that dogs are no exception. 

So, after all the love and affection they give you all year round, give a little back by ordering them the pawfect gift, such as our Birthday Box

Then simply relax and enjoy the special day together, whether that’s baking them a dog-friendly birthday cake or taking them to a new park they’ve not explored before. Or use it as the perfect opportunity to try out new boredom-busting toys and mouth-watering treats together!

Each Birthday Box includes a personalised birthday card and is packed with a selection of hand-picked natural and healthy snacks and custom toys, designed to provide plenty of fun for everyone at the party.


The Seasonal Box

Want to treat your doggy but don’t want to sign up for a regular subscription? Our seasonal boxes could be the answer for you. They contain six to eight carefully-chosen snacks, treats and toys, delivered straight to your door.

What makes these dog gift boxes truly unique is that the theme changes every month so if you fancy ordering more than one in a year then your pooch won’t receive the same item twice. Besides,  these boxes are fully customisable, just like all the other boxes in our range, so unwanted items are a thing of the past! 

You can fully customise your box based on your pet’s likes, dislikes and allergies as well as add extra treats and toys, ensuring that it’s as unique as they are. Your pawesome pup will be treated to industry-leading and upcoming products, carefully selected from approved brands that the team have already tried and tested! 


Choosing The Pawfect Dog Gift Box

There are so many different products and brands available from which to choose which can make shopping, even for the basics, confusing and stressful for a pet owner. This is why the team at The Woof Club have simplified the process by creating a basic selection of monthly box subscriptions for dogs that you can choose from and then added the option to fully customise it to make sure that your dog receives a box that is perfect for him. 

Packed full of natural, healthy and eco-friendly treats, toys, snacks, chews together with accessories from tried and tested, fresh brands we know you’ll love, you’ll be spoilt for choice. We have a dog subscription box for every occasion, which can be personalised to suit your pooch’s preferences, ensuring that they receive a box that is as unique as they are. 

Not ready to subscribe or would like to try some of the products that we include in a dog subscription box? We also have a Woof Shop where you can order individual items from industry-leading brands, such as Beco Pets, DOOG, Green & Wilds and many more!

If you have any further questions about the dog subscription boxes we offer or any of the products that are included, please do not hesitate to contact us. We can also offer support and advice on pet care, training and health so feel free to drop us an email at woof@thewoofclub.ch. We look forward to hearing from you soon!