The EM®Ceramic Anti Tick Collar – How it works and why we love them!

It is really important to keep ticks off your dogs and cats because of the diseases that they can transmit to both our pets and us.  However there are so many tick repellant options on the market to choose from. In this blog we will take a look at our preferred anti tick option – The EM® Ceramic anti tick collar. We will look at how it works and why we think they are a very effective tick repellant.

Note: As cats tend to suffer a lot less from ticks, (presumably because cats are more meticulous self groomers ) and also because collars are not a safe option at all for our tree climbing feline friends, this article refers to our four legged doggy friends only.


Why do we prefer the EM® Ceramic Anti tick collar?

At The Woof Club, as many of you know, we have a pretty large pack of dogs between us. We have been dog owners all our lives and so of course have had to solve the problem of tick repellants for our four legged friends each year.

Over the years we have tried every product on the market at some point or another with varying degrees of success it must be said. Until we found the EM® Ceramic tick collar the most effective method we had found was the edible monthly or quarterly tablets. However we were always concerned about the effects of these regular chemical doses on our pets. They work by poisoning the tick so logic would suggest that they are not particularly healthy for our dogs either!

A friend suggested to Liz that she try one of the EM® Ceramic collars last year, which she did. We all followed her example, happy to stop dosing the dogs with the monthly tablets. I have to say that we were all pretty sceptical but by the end of the summer of 2020 ( and what a tick infested summer it was! ) we were convinced that they were as good as even the monthly tablets at keeping the ticks off the dogs. We hardly saw a tick on our dogs after the first couple of weeks of constant wearing!

Needless to say, we are all converted. At last we are confident that we have found a 100% natural and safe way to keep ticks off our dogs!


What is EM® Ceramic and how does it work?

EM® stands for Effective Microorganisms®, a brand name referring to a family of microbial-based products using a technology developed by Japanese scientist Dr. Teruo Higa. The main product, EM·1®, is a liquid bacterial product made up of  three groups of microbes: yeast, photosynthetic bacteria, and lactic acid bacteria. The EM·1® product is added to silicon, which is then baked to create the hard bead/ tube used in these collars. It is this bead that forms the active part of the anti tick collars.

All living and non living things display Bio resonance. This is a subtle energy that emits vibrations of varying wavelengths. All matter in the universe is constantly exchanging vibrations of different wavelengths. These vibrations affect us even though they may not be visible and we may not be aware of their existence. They are emitted from every living and non living material and no two vibrations are alike. The EM® ceramic beads give off their own particular electromagnetic wave at a frequency unique to them. Luckily this frequency is known to be unpleasant for ticks and other similar insects.

Since the beads emit these waves all the time and are stimulated to do this by sunlight, heat, movement etc the tick is discouraged from attaching itself to the wearer and goes in search of a more appealing host.


How are EM® Ceramics made?

EM® ceramics are made by fermenting a special clay with approximately 80 different microorganisms (EM) and then baked. The beads are baked at 1200 C, during which the structure of the clay changes, trapping the EM within its matrix. As a result, these EM beads have their own particular wavelength and are very durable,

Are EM® Ceramic Tick collars safe?


An EM™ Tick Collar should not have any side effects commonly associated with chemical tick treatments. This should make this a  safer tick repellant for dogs with allergies and sensitivities.

There is no 100% guarantee that  EM® Ceramic collars will keep ticks off you or your pets. However, It is important to note, that there is no 100% guarantee for any other chemical treatment either!

The best prevention is to avoid known tick areas, and to check your dog AND yourself for ticks after every walk. A vigorous and thorough brush through the whole coat is advisable.


All about the EM® Ceramic Tick Collar

The active part of the collar, as we have explained, is the special ceramic bead. The great part about the collars is that they are also a piece of art. The right number of beads for the size of the dog are built into a knotted paracord necklace. The necklace is available in a wide variety of colours and with different knots so each collar is individual.

The collars can be made to fit the neck exactly or come in adjustable versions.

. Follow this link to see the options available from The Woof Club.


Tips for effective use of the EM®  Ceramic collar

  • You get the best results when your dog wears the collar all the time during the tick season. It can take up to 4 weeks before the EM’s fully do their job.
  • Before using it for the first time, rinse the collar thoroughly in warm water and let it dry naturally in the sun. Repeat this process every 10 days or so.
  • It is important to keep the beads clean otherwise the wavelength of the emissions can be altered. You can use a little nail brush but DO NOT USE SOAP OR ANY CHEMICALS.
  • If you use a bug spray or any essential oils as well as the collar, then make sure that the beads stay oil free.
  • The collar can get wet, so it is no problem to swim with the collar. Just let it dry naturally in the sun on the dog afterwards. However it should not be worn in pool water because of the chemical treatments in the water.
  • Although we have used the collars for two years now with no obvious drop in performance, it is recommended by the bead manufacturers that the collars are replaced once a year . This at least gives you the opportunity to change the colour and style each season!

  • Please remember that the EM® Ceramic collar is a tick repellant and not a replacement for your dogs normal collar. Please do not attach your leads to it.
  • Follow this link to learn how to measure your dog’s neck size correctly.


How can The Woof Club help you?

We hope that you will find this blog useful when faced with the inevitable job of choosing a tick repellant method for your beloved pet.  Please let us know your thoughts and experiences on this important, creepy crawly topic. You can contact us on or leave a comment on this page. The Woof Club also have a selection of helpful items in the online shop as mentioned in the article. Please do take some time to check them out!


Don’t forget to check out our beautiful EM® Ceramic collar collection and order yours today!