Rabbit Meat Strips (5pc)


Rabbit Meat Strips (5pc) are a delicious and healthy treat for your dog. Rabbit meat contains little cholesterol, is low in fat and provides the body with many unsaturated fatty acids. Which means these snacks are the perfect treat for overweight dogs or dogs on a diet. Rabbit meat contains fewer calories than turkey or chicken meat, and in addition, it supplies the body with a good amount of B vitamins, proteins, iron and magnesium.

These meat strips have been gently dried to retain all the goodness. You can feed the strips whole and give your dog a healthy snack between meals. Or you can break the strips into small pieces and spread them on the main food as a topping. Or you can use the pieces as training treats. 

This snack is 100% natural and free of any artificial additives such as preservatives, flavour enhancers or added sugar. Pure nature and taste.

Each rabbit meat strip is approx. 12 cm long.


Benefits at a glance:

  • 100% rabbit (monoprotein)
  • Without artificial additives such as preservatives or flavour enhancers
  • Gluten and lactose free
  • Low in fat and cholesterol
  • Easily digestible
  • Can be easily broken into smaller pieces

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Made from 100% Rabbit Meat


This item is 100% rabbit (monoprotein), with no added grain or other fillers.

Our rabbit meat strips are gluten-free, without chemicals and preservatives.

Analysis (analysis is subject to natural variations): protein 56.10%, fat 25.50%, ash 2.89%.

Please note: As this article is a purely natural product, the size, shape and colour may differ from the photo.

Additional information

Health Problems

Bad Breath, Sensitive Tummy, Weight Issues

Special Diet

Gluten Free, Grain Free, Hypoallergenic, Low Fat, RAW Feeding / BARF, Sensitive Tummy


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