Why are Wackee Snacks the Best Natural Treat Available for Dogs?

As you would expect, Wackee Snacks by The Woof Club, are all about 100% natural & healthy.  These snacks not only taste amazing and will delight the most discerning doggy palate, they also address a range of common doggy health and well-being issues too – 100% naturally! 

There are so many snacks for dogs on the market today and many of these are made from natural ingredients too. So which do you choose and why? 

The snack you choose for your dog is really important. You shouldn’t feed too many snacks, because you are already feeding a balanced diet – right? The objective of a snack is to provide a little healthy variety for your dog and to support you as a positive training aid.  

But what if, as well as doing this, you could also have a positive effect on your dogs overall well-being or provide a healthy and natural support for a specific health problem?  We thought this would be a fantastic idea and would be the pawfect doggy snack.


And so the Wackee Snacks range was born! 

We have created a range of 100% natural and tasty snacks.  Each snack is specifically designed to target an everyday doggy health concern.  

 So it’s now really easy to choose the right snack for your dog. All our snacks are made with 100% air dried meat or fish. Many are mixed with a carefully selected set of herbs, scientifically proven to help with a specific doggy health problem. All of our snacks are designed to have a positive effect on at least one aspect of your dogs physical or mental well being. 



Just pick the one that is specifically designed to help with your dogs problem and see the difference Wackee Snacks can make for you and your dog! 

How Can The Woof Club Help You?

We hope that we’ve inspired you to try out our new snack range. We think you and your four legged friends will love them just as much as we do!  We would love to hear your comments! If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to  contact us by submitting a form online or sending us an email at woof@thewoofclub.ch .

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