Cinquième Pattte – Panier Douillet Réversible


the reversible Cozy Basket is designed for animals who like to snuggle up at times and stretch out at others, Cinquième Patte has created the “Cozy” line. They can be transformed into a basket or a flat cushion. The Cozy Basket can be easily adapted to suit your pet’s mood or habits.



  • Reversible
  • Expandable
  • Removable cushion
  • Machine washable at 30C

Cinquième Patte is a Swiss company, born out of a deep love and passion for animals. The name  FIFTH PAW  was born from the belief in a strong bond between animal and man. It is a symbol of union where one cannot exist without the other. The Fifth Paw expresses how much our animals need us and how much we need them. Fifth Paw offers an exclusive collection of pet accessories that offer comfort and well-being. Modern and stylish concept, it favors high quality materials, easy to maintain to the delight of their masters.

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Small: Measure of the bottom central part of the cushion: 25 cm / Measure of the cushion open flat: 60 cm

Large: Measure of the bottom central part of the cushion: 40 cm / Measure of the cushion open flat: 75 cm



Velvet upholstery fabric, fiber and foam padding


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