The Concept

Our Values

 A healthy pet is a happy pet!

Which is why all the products we source help to keep your pet fit and well!

We only want the best! 

That’s why we only use 100% NATURAL snacks, treats & chews, with no added nonsense!

We LOVE eco-friendly products!

We are always trying to bring you brands that help to reduce your pet’s carbon pawprint.

What is a Woof Club Box?

The idea behind The Woof Club Boxes was to introduce a unique way of spoiling your pet whilst discovering new products and brands! We wanted it to be fun and exciting for all hoomans and pets involved! And of course, to achieve our personal mission to keep doggy tails wagging and kitty cats purring!

A Woof Club Box is about more than just receiving totally pawsome products, we also strive to create a truly personalised unboxing experience for you and your pet! This is why we take time to find out all about your furbaby and then hand pack and personally customise the items in your box to suit their individual personality and preferences. Plus, we add a little extra sparkle and a personal touch to every box!   

Why Choose a Woof Club Box?

Special Occasion 

Birthday, adoption day, special holiday – whatever the occasion, every pet deserves to be treated!

Save Time

Leave the hard work to us! No more spending time searching for the best products, just tell us about your pet and we will do the rest!

Save Money

Benefit from great savings when you buy a Woof Club Box. The value of the products you receive will always exceed the price you pay!

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