XL Bones with Venison Meat

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XL Bones with Venison Meat are available in Red or Green. These bones are the pawfect gift for your dog.

Made from 100% natural ingredients, using natural colourings (spirulina and beetroot) to achieve these festive colours. Its extra large size means that it can be enjoyed in one go by big dogs, or can be broken into smaller pieces for smaller doggies.

Ingredients: Venison | Rye flour | Whole-wheat flour | Spelt flour | Eggs | Coconut oil | Spinach | Spirulina / Red beet

18.1 % Crude protein, 6.7 % Crude oils and fats ,1.9 % Crude fibres

* Whole wheat flour, compared to white flour, has many more minerals and fiber, less gluten, there are vitamin B, A, K and E, proteins, and unsaturated fatty acids.
* Eggs contain vital amino acids that the body can not produce itself, but must obtain from food (essential amino acids), enzymes with antimicrobial activity. They also contain the fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E and B vitamins, minerals such as phosphorus and calcium (important for bones), iron.

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