The Woof Club - Puppy Settling Pack

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Puppy Settling Pack is the pawfect gift for your new puppy. Includes the essential items to ensure your new puppy feels relaxed and calm in their new environment.

This pack includes:

  • The Beeztees Puppy Wuggie soft blanket
  • Beeztees Heartbeat Simulator

The Beeztees Puppy Wuggie soft toy is suitable as a cuddly toy and as an ideal accessory for playing and sleeping. The Beeztees Puppy textile gives the puppy a bit of security in the unfamiliar environment thanks to the familiar smell of the nest. It helps him get through the first time without his mother and siblings and helps him sleep and play.
- It can be placed in the breeder's whelping box for a while - and then taken home.
Size: 31x31x6.5cm

Beeztees Heartbeat Simulator - When a puppy moves in, this is a big change, both for the human and the puppy. Especially in the first few weeks the pain of separation is especially great for the little dog. This heartbeat simulator creates an artificial heartbeat and thus simulates the familiar sounds of the heartbeat of the mother or littermates. This has a calming effect on the puppy and helps it fall asleep. The battery-operated sound chip makes a heartbeat sound for approx. 10 minutes after switching on, before the toy automatically switches off again. The battery is protected by a plastic strip that must be removed before use. Attention: The simulator is best used in combination with a cuddly toy.

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