Vet’s Best Triple Headed Toothbrush for Dogs


Vet’s Best Triple-headed toothbrush for dogs has three heads that conveniently form around each tooth which helps to effectively clean them from every angle. The three bristle heads make brushing your dogs teeth fast and easy. For best results brush your pet’s teeth several times a week. For all round dental care use alongside Vet’s Best Dental Gel.


What Makes Triple-Headed Toothbrush so Great?

  • Designed to clean teeth from multiple angles at once, with innovative triple-headed feature
  • Brush your dogs teeth quickly and easily
  • Helps reduce plaque and tartar build-up
  • Promotes fresh breath

Vet’s Best was founded over 35 years ago by a veterinarian, it is committed to using premium quality and plant-based ingredients scientifically formulated to ensure your pet’s overall well-being. Their products are naturally derived, so you’ll never have to worry about harsh chemicals. Your pet’s health is their first priority, so they’ve done the research, created the products, and care what you put on—and in—your pet as much as you do.

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