Pet Friendly Beeswax Candle – Paraffin Free


Pet Friendly Beeswax Candle – Paraffin Free

100% Pure Beeswax Air Purifying Allergy Candle – Ideal For Hay Fever & Asthma Unscented Pure Hive Aroma

Ok so here’s the science bit – pollutants in the air like pollen, dander and other junk all carry a positive charge which keeps them suspended in the air. Now when you light a pure beeswax candle it releases ions which negate the positive charge of air pollutants, and the neutralised ions are sucked back into the burning candle or fall to the ground. WOW who knew that these little honey bees not only produce honey but lots more wonderful natural healing products. Beeswax candles burn longer and cleaner leaving no residue or soot so you are not breathing in any chemicals or additives.

Beeswax candles are a natural treatment for common allergies. Also they are good for insomnia and depression as the earthy scent released and natural ionisation helps clear the air and the mind. Candles made with pure beeswax burn longer and brighter and give off a bright, healthful light similar to the sun hence it can lighten our mood.

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Burn time around  6 hours

Disclaimer – trim the wick to 5mm before use. Burn on a heat resistant surface. Never leave a candle unattended. Keep lit candles out of reach of pets and children.

***Please Note, the above picture is our range of candles and they are priced per candle***

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