Men for San Black Fur Shampoo


Men for San Black Fur Shampoo 300ml is a high-quality, natural shampoo that intensifies black, grey and dark fur.


What Makes Black fur Shampoo Great?

  • Gives a spectacular shine to all dark furs like black, grey and blue
  • The natural surfactants in its formula provides abundant foam and better rinse, leaving fur soft and silky and providing a very long-lasting natural fragrance.
  • Suitable for frequent use and all kinds of fur
  • Adapted pH
  • The collagen in its formula revitalises, hydrates and regains the healthy and natural appearance of fur

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Directions for Use:

Moisten the coat with plenty of warm water. Apply the shampoo on the neck, body, paws and legs. Massage until an abundant and creamy foam is obtained and leave to act for a few moments. Rinse and let the dog shake. Towel dry and remove traces of moisture using a dryer while brushing the hair.


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