Gift Idea – 100% natural vegan pamper bundle for doggies


The Pawfect natural and environmentally friendly pamper gift for your four legged friend!

Keep those tails wagging!

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We’ve paired these luxurious shampoo and boy mist products to create the pawfect pamper gift for your favourite furry friend. Your dog will be purrrrrrrrrrrring with joy!

In this bundle you’ll find:

A totally natural and vegan doggy shampoo with a long lasting scent – ideal for those luxurious bubble bath moments!

Choose from 4 wonderful scents each aimed at supporting specific aspects of your dogs skin and coat health.

  • Got An Itch? Dog Conditioning Shampoo (250ml) is specially formulated to help relieve a dog’s dry flaky skin, and helps restore lustre to dull coats of all breeds. This conditioning shampoo penetrates the hair follicles of long coats, while deeply cleansing and detangling. For dogs with short coat, simply use less shampoo.


  • HOWND Yup You Stink! Conditioning Shampoo for Dogs (250ml) contains a natural grime busting formula for dogs that get extra smelly! Through a combination of eucalyptus and cedarwood essential oils, and gentle odour neutralisers, this conditioning shampoo helps deodorise dogs and absorb strong odours from fox poo, cow dung, dirt and grime. Ideal for stinky dogs who roll in stinky stuff, and will wash off urine, grease and tear stains too!


  • Keep Calm! Conditioning Shampoo for Dogs (250ml) deeply cleanses an adult dog’s skin, whilst being gentle on their skin and coat. This shampoo has been tailored to reduce shedding, while conditioning and strengthening a dog’s fur. A combination of lavender and patchouli essential oils helps relax adult dogs (and their owners!), and is perfect for pets that are anxious or stressed.


  • Hownd Golden Oldies Shampoo for Ageing Skin (250ml) is specially formulated for our older canine companions. Containing vitamin E and pro-vitamin B5, this pet shampoo helps lock in moisture and protects the coat from pollutants all while restoring volume and shine.


A totally natural and vegan doggy body mist  – ideal for those refreshing moments!

  • Hownd Got an itch? Soothing spray for Dogs (250ml) relieves itchy, dry and flakey skin. It can be sprayed onto dry fur after bathing and between washes. This will help to soothe and nourish dry and flaky skin while giving your dog a shiny, static free and refreshed coat. Simply spray it on and brush or rub it into your dog’s fur to release the delicate scent of roses and petitgrain essential oils.


  • Yup You Stink! Body Mist (250ml) can be sprayed onto a dog’s dry fur after bathing and between washes, refreshing stubbornly stinky dogs! Containing eucalyptus and cedarwood essential oils, it helps deodorise dogs while naturally repelling fleas and insects.


  • Keep Calm Body Mist for Dogs (250ml) Some dogs respond wonderfully to Lavender and so Hownd created this peaceful body mist to lift the spirits of nervous or overtired dogs. Brush or rub through to release the aromatic blend of Lavender & Rose with base notes of Patchouli essential oils. With added Rosemary and Cedarwood, known for their antibacterial and insect repelling properties. This PH-balanced formula, contains Argan oil, Oat kernel, Wheat protein & Aloe Vera leaf juice, which together nourish the skin, condition the coat, and leave a wonderful glossy sheen.


  • Hownd Golden Oldies Coat Spray for Senior Dogs (250ml) can be sprayed onto dry fur after bathing and between washes. It refreshes and revitalises the skin and fur of our senior best friends and neutralises odours. With the addition of vitamin E and pro-vitamin B5, this daily body spray locks in moisture and protects skin and fur from pollutants. When you brush or massage into your dog’s fur, the invigorating scent of orange, coriander and petitgrain are released. This pH-balanced formula contains wheat protein, oatmeal, argan oil and aloe vera leaf juice, which together care for your dog’s skin and coat.

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HOWND Shampoo

Got an Itch, Keep Calm, Golden Oldies, Yup You Stink

HOWND Body Mist

Yup You Stink, Keep Calm, Golden Oldies, Got an Itch


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