Beco Pets Recycled Pink Cat Litter Scoop


Cat Litter Scoop has a heavy weight design which gives it a unique quality. Unlike many flimsy litter scoops, Beco Scoops are strong and durable. The composition of the Beco Litter Scoop is around 80% bamboo fibres and rice husks. Both materials are mixed with a resin that bonds them together and also allows your scoop to break down in a landfill or compost environment.

What Makes Beco Litter Scoop Great?

  • Strong & Durable design
  • Easy to clean
  • Made from natural materials – bamboo and rice husks

Beco Pets are eco-warriors, they use natural and eco-friendly alternatives to standard materials. Which means their products help to reduce your pets carbon footprint!

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Size Guide

Dimensions: D: 30cm x W: 120cm x H: 250cm
Capacity: 1 cup/0.25 litres
Product Weight: 85g


Natural bamboo and rice husks


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