The Woof Club

Welcome to The Woof Club, where our sole objective is to keep those doggy tails wagging.
This Swiss company was founded by British expat. Anya in 2019. She has always had a passion for animals, and despite having a busy career, she has always tried to provide her own animals with the most natural and stimulating life – With a lot of fun thrown in too!
She knows all too well that it’s not easy to do this on a budget and with little free time to make informed choices.
“The Swiss outdoor lifestyle is great for our dogs but we missed the slightly crazy side of the UK pet care market, where you can easily find anything from doggy hotels to doggy dating services, and every type of healthy food that your four legged friend could desire….”
“After chatting to other dog owners, we realised that they too were struggling to find that balance between their busy lifestyle and providing the best lifestyle for their pets. So I decided to create in Switzerland, a business run by dog people for the well-being of dogs and their owners” says Anya

The Woof Club Team




“My passion for animals, in particular dogs comes from growing up around them and it is fuelled by all the enjoyment and happiness they bring to my life”